backwards rotation of planets and satellites

While i was working at adding a spacestation to orbit the earth i noticed that it was rotating backwards, after further examination i noticed that not only is it rotating backwards but th orbits of all the planets are oppisite their natural movement is this a oversite or is it the way the program was intentionally set up
thank you for your time


  • Its been a while since I posted this, and about as long since I actually used this program, Upon revisiting it I still find that the rotation of planets and orbits are backwards when time is running forward. I have tried multiple settings to try and reverse this but nothing is working. Is there a way for me to reverse the direction of the planets orbits and rotation without reversing time.
  • Just a thought, either click "retrograde orbit" or add 180 degree orbital or axial tilt. It's what I do.
  • The orbits look correct. A positive orbit should appear as clockwise when viewed from a positive Z position.

    Setting an orbit to Retrograde per Alternon's suggestion will make them go the other direction. You can also make the rotation of the planet a negative number to alter its spin to the other direction.

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