System creation with parameters? Possible?

Hi there,

I would like to manually create a system that is not only hospitable but also above a certain mean temperatur. As I´ve got absolutly no experience programming somthing that could iterate through a certain number of creations to produce such a system I would like to ask if someone has a solution to this problem. I could imagine a form where you could set certain parameters to limit down to specific system requirements.

If somebody could help I would be grateful.

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  • As a workaround I tried to generate a complete new sector, selected the systems I wanted and exported them via xml. Using the xml import plugin I quickly realized that no import into my campaign sector was possible. It always created a new sector. Frustrating for me. I would like to be able to created some nice handcrafted systems and fill up with beautifull randomness. Seems hard to achieve. But I will keep trying.
  • Ok, I created a sector with thousands of stars and imported the database into DB Browser. There I attached my target database and used sql to querry for the desired system configurations. These systems where the copied into this target database. In AS I changed the systems to the desired location, though i thing I will do that in DB Browser, too. I´ve never before touched SQL but it was manageable with some try and error. I would not suggest to try it on a database with live and actual data without constant backup.

    As stated elsewhere .AstroDB files are actualy SQLite databases one can directly open with DB Browser or similar software.

    Looks like this:

    replace into datatarget.bodies
    select * from bodies
    where system_id in
    (select system_id from bodies
    where habitability=2 and
    temp between 290 and 295);

    Thats pretty basic I know but it works for me. THX for listening, hope it helps someone in the future.

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