Handling percentages?

Does IPP handle percentages or fractional calculations? Stupid question, but how are they written?

Suppose I'm working with XP budgets. I make a variable that determines that the XP budget = 1000. I'd like to do something like, "When the monster is unusually tough (the result of another table), xpBudget= xpBudget + (xpBudget * 10%) or (xpBudget * .10).

I may not be getting the variable tags right (the above is for example only, I know it wouldn't run), but I want to make sure IPP can handle percentages--even if only whole numbers.


  • Here is an example you can use to mess around with what you're after.

    // Set budget, you could make that a prompt.
    // The math is budgetreturn value of dictionary table produces 50%, 100%, 150%, 200% of budget value
    // First 4 lines show static pick of dictionary table.
    // 5 line shows inline table pick of dictionary table.
    // To do math you need to put equation in the '{!}' tag. (i.e. {!2+2})
    Table: Percent
    Set: budget =1000
    XP = {!{budget}
    [#Easy MonsterTough]}
    XP = {!{budget}[#Normal MonsterTough]}
    XP = {!{budget}
    [#Hard MonsterTough]}
    XP = {!{budget}[#OhShit MonsterTough]}
    Random XP = {!{budget}
    [#[|Easy|Normal|Hard|OhShit] MonsterTough]}

    // made a dictionary for tough values. simple key/value pair
    Table: MonsterTough
    Type: dictionary

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