It makes a village

...or a hamlet, or a thorp, or a logging camp, or a commune...

Sample output:
Village with a population of 460. The village has been here, in some form or another, for 181 years, and has been stable in size for decades. It is largely controlled by the military.

The terrain is swamps and barren lands (desert, waste, or rocky fields). The village is located near a lake. A well-constructed road leads to a nearby city, and lesser roads to four small settlements. There is one inn or hostel in the area. The village is built amidst ancient ruins and many of its buildings and structures are at least partially ancient structures. There is one strong stone structure which the residents can retreat to in times of danger.

The village was nearly washed away by flooding 90 years ago and was was nearly destroyed by monsters 55 years ago.

Trades practiced here include grain milling, brewing, herding, chandlery, animal handling, woodcutting, baking, and healing.
Small, seasonal thorp-sized encampment with a population of 66 although most residents leave every winter (6 remain). The primary occupation is fishing, with other trades present only to support those efforts. The fishing camp has been here, in some form or another, for 32 years, but has been dwindling in size in recent years. It is relatively unimportant to the powers that be and is left to run itself. The majority of structures are temporary ones, including tents, huts, and lean-tos.

The terrain is primarily hilly. A stream runs through the fishing camp. The fishing camp is on a rough road connecting two larger towns, and a lesser road to another small settlement. There are no inns or hostels present. There are ruins of an older settlement nearby. The fishing camp has a loosely organized militia.

The fishing camp flooded many times over the years.

Trades practiced here include fishing, blacksmithing and hunting.

Incidentally, NBOS: permission is granted to use or modify this and any other .ipt file I upload to your forum, in the software, on the website, or in the online exchange. The downloads section for IPP looks a little thin right now! --Jonathan Dale.


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