Text Bug When Uploading To My Friends

So I made this cs for an rpg with my friends, everything seems fine so far except for one thing: The titles of my categories appear misaligned and the words have separated syllables to them while it's all fine to me. I'm sure we are all using the same versions and same files. I tried uninstalling and installing using the same link as them and still they're having this problem with the sheet that does not show up to me.


  • Could they be missing a font? If you are using something that's not standard, your friends may not have it.

  • I'm using the Dutch801 Rm Bt font that comes with the editor. I'll upload a print of what appears to me and what appears to my friends so you (or anyone) can have a look.
    https://imgur.com/9zDG0XT - the sheet for them
    https://imgur.com/a/MZCXR - the sheet for me

  • Oh thanks a lot I changed the font to a windows one and everything is fine now. Feel really dumb

  • Try using a standard Windows font, like Arial or Tahoma. The CS designer does not package any fonts, so your friends probably don't have it. Or, they can install that font.

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