Using the CR Prompt from Random Treasure table error

The generator that comes with the program
Random Treasure 1-30

Is giving me Missing Table: CR-number here-Items

I haven't edited that table it any way yet it keeps giving me that trouble so no items are chosen.

I tried to make a new generator and copy/pasting that information keeps giving me the same problem.
Its a Junk generator

`Prompt: Choose a Quantity (1-10) {Random|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}1

Table: TreasureProxy

Table: JunkTreasure
Set: JunkTable=CR{$CRValue}Junk
Set: JunkCount=0
Set: JunkValue=0

CR {$CRValue} Junk...

  • Junk:
    Total Value for {$JunkCount} Junk[when not]{$GoodsCount}=1[do]s[end]: [@GoldCheck with {$JunkValue}]

Total CR{$CRValue} Junk Value: [@GoldCheck with {!TotalValue={$JunkValue}}]

Table: CR1Junk
71:{!JunkCount==0}{!JunkValue==0}No Junk
24:[@{!JunkCount=1} JunkTier1]
5:[@{!JunkCount=1} JunkTier4]

Every time I try to generate it says Missing Table: CR#Junk

Don't know what else to do here.


  • Hi NakedFury

    First things first. Random Treasure 1 -30 ought to work out of the box. It uses a generator called srdtreasure.ipt which MUST be located in your \Inspiration Pad Pro\Common\srd folder. I'm guessing for some reason, that file is not there or the folder structure is messed up and the generator can't find it.

    So, for you Junk generator... Below is you code, with some correction to make it work. Each line that I edited or added has a comment at the end of the line after the // marks. If you copy and paste it into a new generator, you will be able to more easily see the comments in green.

    ; Junk.ipt
    ; created 10/31/2018 7:22:19 PM
    Prompt: Choose a Quantity (1-10) {Random|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}1       // You had an off character at the start of this line a ` character. Was this just something from posting your code, or is this character really in your code? It shouldn't be there.
    //The original has a Use statement: Use:common/srd/SRDTreasure.ipt. This statement sends the lookups to the built-in common folder for standard rules treasure. That table rolls quanties for the count of how many items are found. Without using that table (be sure it's present exactly where it should be in the common folder) you must have a means of setting the count of items within this table itself.
    Table: TreasureProxy
    [when]{$prompt1}=Random[do]{!CRValue=={1d10}}[else]{!CRValue=={$prompt1}}[end][@JunkTreasure]   //I changed 1d30 to 1d10 and pulled the code together into one line.
    Table: JunkTreasure
    Set: JunkTable=CR{$CRValue}Junk
    Set: JunkCount=0  //maybe here you want to set the count to 1d6 or something. 
    Set: JunkValue=0  //This initializes the running total value to 0 gp. Without the Use:common/srd/SRDTreasure.ipt, nothing here assigns gp value, so this is kind of useless.
    CR {$CRValue} Junk...<ul><li>Junk: \n[@{$JunkTable}]</li>           //Just dropped in a \n to have a line return after Junk:. Output looked better to me with it in.
    ;Total Value for {$JunkCount} Junk[when not]{$GoodsCount}=1[do]s[end]: [@GoldCheck with {$JunkValue}]           // I remarked out this portion of the line with a leading ;. This sums up the value of goods which are rolled on the Use:common/srd/SRDTreasure.ipt table, which you are not using.
    ;Total CR{$CRValue} Junk Value: [@GoldCheck with {!TotalValue={$JunkValue}}]      // I remarked out this line too. You have no GoldCheck table here and nothing that assigns gp value to the junk.
    Table: CR1Junk     //You only have a table for CR level 1 junk. Any other user input at the prompt will deliver an error of missing table. For instance if the user picks a CR of 3, there is no Table: CR3Junk to be rolled on.
    71:{!JunkCount==0}{!JunkValue==0}No Junk
    24:[@{!JunkCount=1d6} JunkTier1]    //I threw in the 1d6 here for the times to roll on the JunkTier1 table, otherwise it would just roll 0 times, since JunkCount has already been initialized with a value of 0.
    5:[@{!JunkCount=1d6} JunkTier4]     //I did the same here with the 1d6.
    Table: JunkTier1      //I added these two tables. They are just equally weighted to draw an item A or item B. Without them, you will get a missing table error anytime Table CR1Junk selects anything other than No Junk
    Junk Tier 1 Item A\n
    Junk Tier 1 Item B\n
    Table: JunkTier4
    Junk Tier 4 Item C\n
    Junk Tier 4 Item D\n

    Hope this helps. Reply back if it doesn't work, or if I'm missing the point.

  • Thanks for the help.

    Started over slowly to see what works and how.

    my current project. separating an imploded list into their own lines.

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