FWE export to Fractal Mapper

When FWE creates a FM8 map, is there a way to get it to export contours as different levels in FM8? Or a way to know what elevation a given contour is in FM8 after map creation?


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    There's a field value assigned to each object that gives its elevation. Here's a little plugin that will show you what that is. Just select the object, and run this script from the Plugins menu. The result is the elevation in meters (you'll see it divided by 100 in the code because FWE stores elevations in centimeters).

    #plugin ISO Value
    map = GetCurrentMap()
    n = map.GetFirstSelected()
    If n > -1 Then
        o = map.GetObject(n)
        elev = o.GetField( "ISOVALUE")
        elev = elev / 100
        MsgBox "ISO Level: " & elev
        MsgBox "Nothing Selected"
    End If

    Save that as ISOValue.FMScript in the /Plugins directory and restart FM. Also attached below.

    Note that if you break apart an object (many are complex polygons), you'll probably lose those field values.

  • Ok, thanks. I guess I'd put this as a feature request for an FWE update: load contours as different layers in FM8 or FM9

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