Is it possible to change where IPP looks for the generator files?

I have several devices that I use for my games. I make generators on my PC but I use my laptop and my tablet during the game to access them. I'd like to put the generators in either my one drive or google drive folders so I can access them on any device without having to transfer the files over to every device.
Is this possible with IPP?


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    Yes, you can do that. Use the portable installation option and install directly into your OneDrive/GDrive/DropBox directory. That will put the generators into the same directory as the program. Alternatively, if you already installed IPP, you can move the Common and Generator directories from you "Documents/Inspiration Pad" folder to under the program folder. (so that it'd look like "c:\program files(x86)\nbos\InspirationPadPro3\Common" and "c:\program files(x86)\nbos\InspirationPadPro3\Generators"

    Basically, IPP checks for generator files first under its executable directory. If it finds them there, it uses those, otherwise it looks in the Documents directory.

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