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Hi all, has anyone else had trouble with the CSV exporter on Windows 10?
According to the tool documentation it's supposed to create the CSV files inside of a CSV folder in the main AS installation folder. I run the plugin, and then I look in the AS folder and there's nothing there, not even a CSV folder. I tried making a CSV folder, still nothing. I searched my computer for .csv files, but those are there either.


  • I know this is old, but I recently attempted to export a csv and sql file of my sector and I can't find either. Looking at the code, it doesn't tell where it saves it. It tells the program to save it in the astrosynthesis folder. But it's not there. Is it a Windows 10 thing?

  • I don't know if that script works with Astro 3.

    Astro 3's files (.AstroDB) are SQLite databases. You can use the SQLite3 command line tool to generate the CSV output. Or use the programming language of your choice to open the file directly. Every language supports reading SQLite db's.

    Here's an example of exporting from SQLite to CSV:

    Keep in mind Astro is hierarchical in nature, so CSV isn't the best format to represent that. But it'd work well for just star positions.

  • https://sqlitebrowser.org/

    That's a nice free GUI browser for SQLite and I've found it quite useful (command line rocks, but it's nice to just have a GUI at times).

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