DragonQuest (SPI) orc generator

I have created a generator for the old SPI rpg DragonQuest, that will generate an orc with the associated stats required for an encounter. Anyone who remembers the game, will remember that it is quite math heavy and generating encounters can be quite laborious. It has been great to use Inspiration Pad Pro to do the heavy lifting. I can generate as many as I want very quickly. The code might be a bit messy, partly because I was having formatting issues and started replacing spaces with the html nbsp; - which unfortunately makes the code more difficult to follow.

In brief the generator works as follows. It generates a type of orc either generic, heavily armoured or lightly armoured. I did this so the results were not totally random. For example, a generic orc might have a hand weapon and a shield. A heavily armoured orc might have a two handed weapon, and a lightly armoured orc might be a bowman. It goes through the logical steps of checking what armour the orc is wearing, which then determines how stealthy the orc is. It checks whether the stats generated match the prerequisites required for a shield and weapon. If they are too low, it increases the stat to the minimum required. It then checks against a table that generates the percentage chance for using the weapon and pulls in all the associated stats connected to the weapon, to create a stat block for the weapon. Not every DQ weapon is included, just the ones I use for my orc encounters.

Probably quite a niche generator, but I hope anyone who comes across this who plays the DrgonQuest game finds it useful.



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    Never heard of Dragon Quest till now. In the last two days, I have obtained all books, read them cover to cover, and am looking forward to playing. Also, looking to develop some generators for battle resolution and an interactive Character Sheet. It looks like a very interesting alternative to 5e, and well suited to a Character Sheet and IPP that can do the heavy lifting for rolls and calculations. Thanks!

  • I haven't played DragonQuest in years, but if there's interest, I have a pile of ipt files I could share. We used DQ 3rd edition for the most part. Examples include:
    * generating creatures based on their stats in the Monsters chapter, including weapon calculations (ipt files for several creatures done, plus a "use" file for building others)
    * cranking out a spell list for a college of magic (didn't finish all the colleges)
    * grievous injuries
    * magical backfires
    * the fear table
    * generating magic items derived from the College of Shaping Magics

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