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Fractal Mapper V. 1.02f

Since I've had FM, the maximum map-size was a total of 4500 pixels(usually 2250 x 2250); now, the maximum size is around 4,000 pixels(2,000 x 2,000); anything larger than than results in an, "Out of Bounds", pop-up and I can't use the program; what happened and what really determines the maximum pixel size? I would like to make larger maps.

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    Do you really mean v1?

    The limitation comes from the video drivers. Some can make in-memory bitmaps of any size, some can't allocate a bitmap that's larger than the screen size. Often it changes with different driver versions. Particularly in old versions of windows, anything greater than 2000x2000 was hit or miss.

  • Yeah, v1; I've got XP on my desktop; just wondering why all of a sudden, 2250x2250 didn't work anymore then it worked for over two-decades; but if you say it's my video-driver, I might look into either restarting my PC and or replacing the video card or just learning to live with it; I've got other older programs that I can my maps with that sometimes don't run when I restart my PC.

  • And you're right: I can get larger map-sizes on my Windows 7 laptop! Oh dear.

  • On some of those drivers, even a simple settings change can impact how it works. So its not even always a change to the drivers themselves. Made for some fun tech support back in the day :smile:

  • Win XP takes me back to the good old days. I think I'll pull an old desktop out of the basement (why can't I bring myself to recycle the hardware graveyard???), grab some tweezers and randomly move around jumpers on the pins of the motherboard (not dip switches... the actual tiny plastic coated jumper things). XP was pretty amazing... wish Win 10 was half as stable (10's not really all that bad - just doesn't play well with anyone not named MS).

  • I'm thinking of either changing the settings or restarting my computer; right now I am at 2000X2000 max for NBOS, which is kind of too small for what I want to do. BUT, I'm afraid of my other map making programs not working (not really map making programs but PC video-game editors).

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