Things being in the Nbos Forums.

I know it has been said before but I would love it if these generators would be available for download. I'd love to have them for when I don't have internet and when I don't want to get online due to being too engrossed in making plot-lines for my peeps. Also, maybe the original person could add a section where the actual downloads could be at and subdivide it by which programs, tools, etc. that they use.


  • I think all the generators (at least most) have a small blue font hyperlink in the form Download GeneratorName.ipt at the very top of the output results (once you run the online generator). You do have to run the generators online one at a time, but using this link, you can copy and paste the IPP code into your own local IPP stash of generators.

  • Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you, but there are also others in the forums mixed with various other writings that might be more easily found if sorted in one line. Is it allowable for one of us to make a link to each known page with the individual generators created by fans?

    Some other things I've noticed is a little less ease of access than I would like. I'd be willing to moderate an area if I could sort through some of this. Maybe even adding tags for each post in each forum's subspace so we can get to things more easily. I'd even do it without pay if it means I can get all the generators. Do you think the admin would let me do that?

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