How do I use external tables?

I have read the help section downloaded with the app that tells how to do such but I can't seem to this right. I'm trying to get the new gen to create Japanese names and set them.

This is the one in the Skrat Maker coming with the app.

_use: nbos/names/skrat.ipt

Set: Name =[@SkratName >> Proper]

Table: MakeSkrat
1:{$name}\nhits: {2d4+8}\nBase Attack: +2\nArmor: [@SkratArmor]\nWeapon: [@SkratWeapon]\nSpecial Skills: [@SkratSkills]\nValuables: [@SkratThings]\nSpeaks: Skrat [@SkratLanguage]


And this is the one I am trying to do.

_use: users/rubedo_kukai/documents/inspiration_pad_pro/common/nbos/names/japanese.ipt

Set: Name =[@Name >> Proper]

Table: Realian
1:{$name} is a Neohuman. [$JapaneseName] has [@tech] and has [@body] [|skin|bones|blood|brain|muscles|hair|]

Table: JapaneseName

I haven't built the entire table (Tech and Body) but I thought I was doing the Set, Use, and Name parts right but I don't know what I am doing wrong. I copied the exact location for the japanese names into the gen...

The image has the results on the left and the location on the right of the image.


  • I copied from the Orc Name Gen in the generators section this time. The orcs say this for the entire thing...

    use: nbos\names\orc.ipt
    Table: Orc Name

    My shorter version of what I have above (used to troubleshoot) says this...

    use: nbos\names\japanese.ipt
    Table: Japanese Name

  • I just thought of something... I could copy the Japanese Name Gen into my gen... Opps.

  • Did it work? nbos\names... should work, since the program launches pointing to that directory. I like to keep all my name generators there anyway. It's the easiest place to put .ipt generators that will be called in a use statement.

    But for pointing to specific directories on the hard drive in general (where you may have .bmp or other graphic files or anything), there is a specific way to identify with drive letter, slashes, double slashes, backslashes, etc. And it takes the FULL windows directory name. Search this forum for "Fortune Teller Files" and see what it said in that thread. It's not exactly what windows explorer shows for the directory location. Here's the thread:

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