Can I put website links in generators?

Slowly wrapping my head around IPP3 and it occured to me that it would be great if I could include website links in some table outputs.

Is this possible?


  • It's possible but the formatting is funny. You have to replace each / with


    See this thread for an example:

    Also, if you click the resulting link, the website will open in IPP, so not all pages will work well.

  • Yes.

    If you want the URL to look right in the output, you'd need to write it something like this:
    If you leave the "//" intact, the rest of the line becomes a comment. Making it "/\/" gets it to display correctly.
    Depending on where you place the URL, you might need to use : (the "HTML entity" equivalent of a colon) instead of typing a colon directly. Otherwise, IPP might interpret the colon as IPP syntax. But that's just if you want to display the URL correctly, not use it as a link.

    If you want to make a usable link in the output, use something like this:
    <a href="https:/\/">link text</a>
    That will put a usable HTML link in your output. The "/\/" notation is still required to avoid turning the line into a comment. Click on "link text" in your IPP results window, and you'll go to the indicated URL.

    I list in the example deliberately, so you can see which browser IPP is using. On my Win 10 laptop, it tells me I'm using Internet Explorer 11. You might need to use IE11 keyboard shortcuts (such as alt-left arrow), because you won't see the usual IE menus and whatnot in IPP. You won't have full IE 11 functionality, such as opening new tabs.

  • Awesome, thank you both!

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