The Keep Keeps uninstalling

I have now twice had The Keep mysteriously uninstall on my computer. Any ideas on what could be causing this?


  • Maybe your anti-virus software is doing it? Or Windows update is screwing something up? There's nothing in the Keep that would enable it to delete itself like that. Is this v2?

  • It's v2. Antivirus, maybe. Now that you mention it, this may have happened with Scrivener as well. I'll check into Win10 uninstalling software.
  • Apparently Win10 uninstalls software it considers incompatible when the OS has a major update.
  • Interesting... thanks for figuring it out. You probably won't be the only one that gets bitten by that.

    A couple years ago a Windows update wiped out my wife's purchased copy of MS Office... and that's their own software!

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