Vintyri-Jörðgarð Returning

In March, I posted notices on several forums that Corona-Covid 19 problems were forcing the Vintyri Project™ to shut down some of our operations temporarily. We had hoped to be back in full operation by the end of April. Ours is a three-man group. One of our members had such a severe Corona case that there were doubts for a while that he would survive. Fortunately, he did and he's running again at about half-steam and gaining daily. The other two of us haven't gotten ill, but other Corona-related obligations took both of us totally out of the RPG world. Instead of going back into full operation in April, we were forced to totally shut down the project in late March. On Tuesday, July 1, after being gone for more than three months, we went back into business on a less than 100% basis. Some things, like our Map of the Week series, won't be returning yet. Our two first priorities are to clean up our backlog of service requests and resume development of the Jörðgarð™ "Tale of 2 Books" adventure. We will handle the first support requests beginning today.

Thanks for your patience!


  • Glad you're safe and sound, Mark! Looking forward to your future creations!

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