Hanging Indent

I searched and didn't find anything. Is it possible to do a hanging indent in IPP? I tried basic HTML tags to get a hanging indent and it didn't work.

<div style=“text-indent: -36px; padding-left: 36px;”><p></p></div>

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Just tried it, it works, but you need to use regular quotes, not left and right quotes the way you have it.

    <div style="text-indent: -36px; padding-left: 36px;"><p>Lots of text.</p></div>

    To figure this out, I right-clicked on the output and used View Source to see what I was really getting. At that point it was obvious the quotes had gotten messed up.

  • Very nice! Is there a way to reduce the padding between paragraphs? Right now it does a full line break between paragraphs.

  • If you enclose paragraphs in paragraph tags, p and /p, it's going to space them like paragraphs. You can do line breaks instead:


    I tried adding top and bottom padding and margins to make the spacing smaller but that doesn't seem to work.

  • I googled some HTML sites and tried the same thing. No problem, thanks for the effort!

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