importing external vector graphics?

Is it possible to import vector graphics such as .svg,.eps, and/or .dxf files into Fractal Mapper? If not, is there a possibility that this functionality could be added into the program or possibly a converter of sorts to convert them to .fmp files. FM8 is pretty awesome and I would love to be able to expand my symbol pallet using software I am more fluent in while maintaining the flexibility of vector.


  • FM can actually load .WMF files pretty well (just File -> Open like normal). I believe there were some limitations relating to embedded bitmap data and fonts. But plain vector .WMF files worked ok (basically, the kind you'd find in clipart). I don't remember if .EMF was supported or not. This was how the vector symbols were converted into FM's format.
  • Thank you for the information good sir and the kick ass software. Keep up the good work. Pun intended.
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    This is awesome! This allowed me to procedurally create a city map using Probable Train's City Generator ; export it as an SVG vector graphic (from the site); convert it to WMF in Inkscape & then open the map directly in FM8 so I can edit it. This whole process has made my modern/scifi city map making too easy. Thanks @Ed_NBOS for this amazing feature!

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  • That sounds really cool @Nightblade !

  • That's the result of my first experiment with this methodology. Again, thanks @Ed_NBOS for such amazing software!

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  • It's hard to see because it's so small. It looks a lot better in FM8 :)

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