Inns, Hostels, and Rooming Houses

Here's a generator for places of accommodation. Inns rent individual rooms on a nightly basis, hostels are cheaper and only have common rooms (sometimes lined with bunk beds, sometimes just bare floor - a flophouse), and rooming/boarding houses are primarily for longer term rentals. Although inns sometimes also have common rooms (maybe for your servants?) and hostels sometimes have small individual rooms. I am using tin pieces as the unit of currency based on Rolemaster's silver-base economy, you'll probably want to change the prices to copper pieces if you are playing a game with a gold-based economy. Sample output:

The Dragon and Shield Hostel
Rooms: 2 common rooms and 3 very small, plain individual rooms
Quality: Cheap, dirty, squalid, and probably unsafe.
Service: Competent
Fare: No food provided.
Rates: 19 tp per room per night, 10 tp per night in common room
Clientele: Itinerant tradesmen and merchants.
Comments: Accommodations in the common rooms are hammocks and bare floors. The Hostel primarily serves religious pilgrims. The building was originally a large home. Stables are also available, for 2 tp per horse per night.

The Checkered Stool
Rooms: 14 individual rooms
Quality: Luxuriously appointed and exquisitely maintained.
Service: Average
Fare: No food provided.
Rates: 26 tp per room per night or 130 tp per week
Clientele: Nobles and wealthy merchants.
Comments: The building was originally a large home. The landlady is does not want trouble with the law but otherwise is not too fussy.

The Handsome Whale Rooming House
Rooms: 9 individual rooms
Quality: Simple but well-tended.
Service: Suspicious
Fare: Breakfast only, simple, mid-quality fare (6 tp).
Rates: 20 tp per room per night or 120 tp per week
Clientele: Peasants, pilgrims, and less-successful traders. It is popular with the locals at mealtimes.
Comments: The building was originally quarters for lower ranked military officers. Meals are only available at very specific hours.


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