Internet Explorer retired

"Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support" as of June 15, 2022. What does this mean for IPP?

Table: whichbrowser
<a href="https:/\/">which browser?</a>

Click on the link in the results, and it tells me "You’re using Internet Explorer 11."

IE 11 isn't my default web browser, so either there's another setting involved or IPP is explicitly dependent on IE 11.


  • IPP does rely on the IE rendering engine, but not IE the application itself. I don't have any indication that the rendering engine itself is being taken out. That would break a lot of things in Windows that rely on it (for example, HTML Help). If that happens I'll look into a chromium based option. Luckily IPP does not do any fancy integrations with the browser the way The Keep does, so any rendering engine would work. The downside to a chromium based browser is that it adds 50+ meg to the download. I could also in theory replace the browser completely, and use the word processing component used in The Keep,since that can load most HTML. IPP would lose full support of more advanced things that happen in a browser, but still have 90% of a browser's functionality.

    It would be nice if MS made an interface that could use the older api with their newer browser engine and then this issue would go away.

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