GURPS 4th Edition Generation Script

If I had my wish, someone would create and share a complete GURPS 4th Ed. Plugin that would utilize the rules in the Worldbuilding chapters of G:Space, all the way down to the Tech Levels, Populations, Government Types, etc.

I mean the works.

This is the kind of project I'd tackle if I knew _anything_ about scripting. My biggest gripe about generating sectors is that the populations don't seem to generate intelligently, or if they do I can't see how. It would be nice if something like this was made available as standard in 3.0 since the GURPS rules seem the most complete and realistic of any space RPG I've ever seen. Then again, I am neither a programmer, copyright lawyer nor astronomer. Just a gamer...

Any takers?


  • Hello gilbone,
    I am planning on adding the rest of that stuff to the GURPS Suite however, it's no small task and I am quite busy right now. The biggest hurdle is that social parameters are very setting specific and in order to make the plug-in universal I can't be making assumptions about things in your setting like FTL, logistics, political structures, social structures, aliens (or lack of), trade volume, etc. The habitability score is only for humans, and non genetically engineered ones, so if you have high level bio-tech and/or alien species that aren't just humans in rubber masks you are going to have to manually place those because I don't know anything about them. At best I think it will be a right click popmenu item that would allow you to select or randomise the different social parameters but, you would still need to manually run it on each body you wished to populate. Like you are saying about the population not being generated intelligently what makes sense in one setting doesn't make sense in another. It would be impossible for me to build the script to do it all automagically because it can't take into account all the possible scenarios that people can come up with.

    Ed would not be able to add the GURPS Space rules to AS3 because the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy prohibits you from releasing any game aid for resale so unless he worked out some kind of business deal with with Steve Jackson Games your stuck with me (or someone else) writing a free plugin.

    Mid June would probably be the earliest that I will get some free time to tackle something of this size but, I was also considering waiting till AS3 came out because I will probably need to do some major re-factoring anyhow.

    Best Regards,
    Alan Bartholet

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