Suggestion - Multiple Delete

When I create some planets in a system - particularly gas giants - AS will often slap in a bunch of moons.

If I'm looking for a random system, this is fine, but If I'm trying to create a specific system with specific contents, I have to go through and delete each moon individually. This can be a pain.

I can't R-click on the "Moons" header and select "Delete>Delete this body," because not only the moons are deleted, but so is the planet.

A means to do one - or more - of the following would be nice;
    • A special option in the context menu to add a planet to a star, but not to create any moons,
    • The ability to select more than one moon at a time - maybe by Ctrl-Click - and then to be able to delete the selected moons at once,
    • The ability to R-click on the "Moons" header to delete all moons in one fell swoop.

Or, something I haven't thought of...


  • If you right click on a body in the system data display, you can select 'delete -> delete system contents', which will delete all the child bodies.
  • Hmm...

    I thought I had tried that, but it killed the planet, too.

    I'll give it another go.


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