Ipt files live on the web?

Hey guys,

I've been a frank admirer of IPP for about a year now -- I think it's a real nice system -- and I'm delighted to find your recent slick upgrades.

Minor bug -- the help file tells me I should be able to use {d20} for {1d20}, but without the "1" it won't take. Easily fixed on my end, but I thought you'd want to know.

I'm incredibly excited to see your online demo of *.ipt files, especially because some of the who I've tried to share my files with had incompatible OS's. Will I be able to put my *.ipt files live online? Can I already somehow? Or is it a trick of advanced NBOS programming gurus, that just simulates IPP output?

Besides the intended purpose -- creating detailed background info according to a certain framework -- I've also been using IPP to generate problem sets: math problems, memorization problems, and like that. Early on I also used it to make a substitution cipher, mostly to try it out and see what it could do. A very powerful and flexible tool - impressive!



  • Hi Conrad,

    Its not a trick! Yes, you can put your ipt files online. The command line version of ipad2 can be used as a cgi program on a web server (Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD). It does require familiarity with configuring a web server though. See the help file section for the command line interface on how to set that up.


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