How to change the whole map's scale?

Created a map in Fractal World Explorer then imported it into Fractal Mapper. It all looks great, but the new map is scaled at 10k feet wide by 5k feet high... I need it to be planet sized. It looks like I'm supposed to use the Map Setup screen to change this, but if I change the scale to 'miles' instead of 'feet', the map scale changes, but it looks like the map itself doesn't scale to fit the new size - the map looks like it is zoomed in on just blue water.

Is there some way to make the horizontal scale 20k miles and the vertical 10k miles, and still have the map look the same? I wanted to use this global map as the master and copy off smaller sub maps, but all of the sub maps all have the same incorrect scale. Tried searching in the help and forums, but unfortunately 'scale' brings up results having to do with scaling objects and such.

Thanks for any assistance.


  • Wait, I think there's just a bug where the first time I resize it, it doesn't work, but if I just 'undo' it then repeat the same thing again, it works.
  • If you open up the .fmp file that Fractal World Explorer makes with Notepad or another plain-text editor, you can alter the values before you import them into Fractal Mapper. The .fmp that FWE makes is just a plain text file (which is different from the files FM makes)

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