The Keep 1.01c Update

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I've uploaded a testing version of the latest update to The Keep. This is actually an auto-updater/web-update program that will download the new version to your PC. If you would like to try this build, download the auto-updater and place the files in this zip file into the same directory where The Keep is installed (usually 'c:\program files\nbos\TheKeep' - The files NBOSUpdater.exe and update.dat should be in the same directory where KeemCM.exe resides). Then, run NBOSUpdater.exe.

Changes in this release include (covers both changes to 1.01b and 1.01c):

- [Added] Automatic periodic backups. Can be configured in the program preferences window. This creates an export file of your entire database at specified intervals.
- [Added] Automatic updater checks. Can be configured in the program preferences window.
- [Added] Hotkeys - CTRL+P to print current item
- [Added] Hotkeys for the folders - CTRL+UP_ARROW to move an item up, CTRL+DOWN_ARROW to move an item down, CTRL+DELETE to delete selected item.
- [Added] Hotkeys for word processor - CTRL-B,I,U to Bold, Italic, and Underline text
- [Fixed] An AV occurred when the last user-created entry in the tree was moved down with 'arrange - move down'.
- [Fixed] Wrong filter displayed when selecting a .keep file to import.

- [FIXED] Fixed a problem with pasting hyperlinks
- [CHANGED] The new root folder option in the new button on the toolbar is now always enabled
- [FIXED] Hyperlinks in table cells were not working


  • G'day,

    Thanks for the update.

    I've been using the Keep for quite some time (I have three instances running three seperate databases - one for all computer & game manuals, one for articles & pdfs on current affairs and one for rpg projects - lots of inspiration pad generators) and couldn't recommend it highly enough.

    Much appreciated.

    [edit] Noticed a small bug with the update. If you attempt to <CTRL>+ARROW UP/DWN an Inspiration Pad Generator from within the Keep it generates an error. Also when you first set your preferences for a Keep Dbase backup, when you exit the program creates the backup. No problems here but you get minimal information on what is happening and Vista thinks the program has hung. Perhaps a pop-up that tells you a back-up is in progress would be useful. [/edit]

  • I wanted to post a simple thankyou for this update. I really love The Keep and use it religiously for my games. Thanks for working on The Keep! :D

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