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  • I notice nobody has responded to your question yet. That may be because it covers such a huge spectrum. In RPGs, I use AS3 to set up a (small) galaxy where my players can voyage around - they can see the map I've created and can say "we want to go t…
    in How to? Comment by Arundel November 2020
  • Am I likely to get the same error message ("License File Missing or Incorrect") if I try to install this? I'm still trying to resolve the issue for version 3.01c.
  • Any progress with my link - I'm about to re-visit the subject?
  • Good to know you're still working on new stuff. AS is an excellent piece of mapping software, providing amazing facilities for all kinds of SciFi projects. Is AS4 likely to include the latest Gaia data regarding stellar distances?
  • If you find it useful, let me know - I'm interested in seeing what might be possible for AS.
  • Later still: I found this while browsing. It might get you started on the extrasolar planet project, Ed.
  • Later: having checked the format, I can't work out what the spreadsheet columns are providing. The headings are all technical (I have no degree in astrophysics, sadly) and would need somebody who recognises the data. I shall persevere but don't hold…
  • The data I found above looks like the complete Gaia set. Each file listed contains 200,000 plus objects. I have the Keppner listings an AS user provided to me for the nearest 1,000 stars converted to the correct format for AS3. I'm going to look at …
  • I have partially answered my own question. I have found some CSV files here: but they are in a special zipped format. Once I unzipped them, I loaded them into MS Excel and they looked more or less a…
  • Nice to know, Mark. I'm sure I can find something to give you work
  • Hi Mark: Nice to hear from you. I've been away from map making for a few years and, at my age, the memory isn't what it was. By trial & error, I actually picked up on the method you outline and it seems to work. I've downloaded the Vintyri tuto…