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  • Yes that worked thanks.
  • One thing I'd like is the ability to run other apps not made by nbos. For example, I love IPP, but there are features the tablesmith has that IPP does not. another app I use is monster database which with some tinker will work in the keep, but oth…
  • Yeah I see it, but here is the catch. I'm trying to go around to prompt limitation of have get mixed. prompt: title {human|elf|dwarf} human set var={$prompt1} But what I was thinking won't work. I therefore wish for user defined variables for p…
  • Honestly, Mark, you may not be threatening, but it definitely sounds like you are exerting the Vintyri Project influence. If the kernel was changed and nothing was broken you honestly would use another program. I agree it should be an add on rather…
  • Code is tricky. using 1d100 type randomizer will result in common numbers in the middle because the code is randomiing linearly. Ever go to a carnival and play that game where you push the car and it bounces back and forth until it stops almost al…
  • set: diceroll=[@dieroll] table: dieroll Roll: 1d100+{$Mod} or you call have the dieroll table call act as a variable itself if only used once.
  • That's really weird. For some strange reason it doesn't like my path. I dumped my images in the HTML output directory and removed any path and just used the file name and works fine. I just don't want to me storing images in that area.
  • Still having issues. I either get the red x in a box or text. Here is my code sample: castles.ipt Use: nbos\CoatOfArms.ipt Use: nbos\Noble Household.ipt table:Main 1-4:[@Size][@Condition]. Banners flying over the ramparts have this [@…
  • Thanks Ed. That was a crucial bit of information. I now works fine.
  • So the reason I have been getting the little image box with the red X is because my path is wrong, even if my images are in the same directory as the code? However I have hard coded the path (C:\program Files\... ...\nbos in the image tag and stil…
  • I recommend nesting tables. when-do's are consuming in code. I'm writing an encounter table that is dependant on game system. I used this format: [@[@encounter]] in every game system specific table to avoid 1000s of when-do's for each game sys…