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  • Oh, and if anyone is looking for the Goblin api reference doc, its available in the NBOS download section:
  • Nice tip Mark. Might even be easier than the strategy I worked out. Here's the process I came up with: Create footprint. Combine polygons into a single object. Clone another object (to use later for the floor). Use a shape tool to draw out…
  • Thanks for the tip Mark. I didn't upload a new picture, but it looks way better with a little feathering. I noticed another thing while I was playing with the bevels last night. The bevels increase the file size dramatically. Basically a beveled…
  • I figured out how to make a plugin to do what I need. You have to be careful that your objects are large enough to handle the larger beveling, or the objects get their sides all blown out. The bevel distance is in pixels. The standard tool goes f…
  • Thanks Mark. I'm not really looking to move all the objects on the map, but rather move the location of the workspace over the map. For instance if I have 500 foot map and I'm zoomed in to a 30 foot square to work on the details of a room and I n…
  • Thanks Mark. It looks like the scale plugin (ctrl+Q) is probably the route I'll take as well. Placables tend to scale okay with the mouse if you move the node exactly diagonally to the object, but drawn objects skew. I wish there was a way to prev…
  • Thanks Mark. Not sure how I missed that. I guess every time I tried, I didn't have the zoom tool selected. I was actually getting frustrated that I had to use separate buttons to zoom in and zoom out. For anyone else having trouble with this: …