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  • I think the problem is that WinHlp isn't recognizing the .chm files for some reason. Any idea what would cause this?
  • Unfortunately, I'm copying a specific set of features from another source, and as far as I can tell you can't do that with those tools (barring things like rectangles for simple buildings). In fact, my one real complaint with Fractal Mapper is ther…
  • It turned out, after looking at your examples, that the folders were one level to far up, i.e. they were in the symbol sets rather than the categories.
  • Ed_NBOS wrote: Paragon wrote: 1. Is there any way to have the program join lines? Since I'm doing this manually, I have to sometimes stop and start tracing, so there's usually some sort of tiny gap between the places when I started. I know CC …
  • Ed_NBOS wrote: ok, I see what you're referring to. I think the problem is a misunderstanding of what the bitmap import is in FWE. The bitmap import is for converting grayscale height maps (also called bump maps) into fractal mapper maps. What y…
  • Ed_NBOS wrote: I'm not clear where you are seeing this ... there's no lines per se in FWE. Are you seeing this in FWE, or opening the created .fmp and seeing this in FM? I think what would be best is if you post the image you are trying to impor…
  • Ed_NBOS wrote: When task manager says its not responding, that just means its not processing messages from the interface, not that the program isnt processing. Actually, in this case it would mean the app was still calculating. What you might …
  • Pulling up the program, it appears the "Minor Contour Band Interval" was set at 2000, the "Ocean Minor Countour Interval" also at 2000, and the other two at 0. It was an old CC1 map converted to greyscale, but was reasonably "busy". Like I said,…