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  • Is there a list of the different Body Types? I'm assuming there are more than what is in the default generator, but I don't know for sure.
  • Okay, I've gone over this a few times and I must be missing something. For some reason, populated systems are getting DefaultNames, and thats not supposed to happen. It should give any unpopulated system a DefaultName (modified as shown below) and a…
  • Ed, that was incredibly helpful! Thank you muchlies.
  • Here's a sample of the strange text I'm getting as names: [when]Populated = NotPopulated[do]SS00-070107 [when]Populated = Populated[do]Udiko So it looks like its doing the basic job of telling the generator when to use SystemName or Default…
  • This one is starting to get the right results, but there's still some scripting language showing up. Table: GetName [when]{$Population} = NotPopulated[do][@DefaultName] [when]{$Population} = Populated[do][@SystemName] [end]
  • This doesn't work either: Table: GetName [when]{$Population} = NotPopulated[do][@{DefaultName}] [when]{$Population} = Populated[do][@{SystemName}] [end]
  • Ok, I'm making progress in figuring this out. I think I'm figuring out the questions I need to ask at least. So here's the next one: there is a Habitability and a Population variable in the AS naming generator. Can I somehow program the generator…
  • Ok, but if I don't want to make a script, could I base it off of the habitability of the system? Like, uninhabitable systems are numbered/default named, and habitable and hospitable planets get named?
  • YES. Figured it out. Now I just gotta crack the naming dealio and I'm set.
  • Thanks Ed!