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  • Just because orbits cross does not mean a collision will happen. Pluto and Neptune cross paths on a regular basis. It depends on many factors, including distance of the planets from the sun, orbital eccentricity, orbital velocity, and mass of the gi…
  • Some more update/suggestions: An UNDO feature would be fantastic. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally removed a star system that I didn't intend to remove. Another feature that would be helpful is to search for and select multiple r…
  • Okay, so an update to my merge question: I fixed part of the problem: my XYZ data was off. One map was using Celestial XYZ, the other was using Galactic XYZ. When I made them both use Celestial XYZ, the stars line up again. But, that brings me to…
  • I was under the impression that if you didn't provide a specific texture for AS to use, it automatically defaulted to the FT plugin to generate surface maps (meaning that you have to have that checked). But, I could be wrong.
  • If your planets are based on real stars, then you can use this website to quickly create some star maps. Not sure how to go about it in AS.
  • Ed_NBOS is right; there's no hard evidence to support the notion that SuperEarths are the most prolific type of planet. The larger, bigger planets were easier to see at first. 9 of the 16 Extrasolar planets detected by microlensing are smaller than …