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  • Whoa...that's huge really appreciate you taking the time...when I say huge in my mind it was a couple of brackets a colon and a squiggle I wouldn't know where to start with that
  • It gets a bit wierder.. I rewrote the code again with a d6 roll and a simple animal and animal etc it sort of worked then the whole thing crashed. Every other code worked apart from the animal one. I uninstalled and ran it again. It appeared this ti…
  • Still struggling with this conundrum... A few thoughts... Is it because I am using the Android version? Have I had up an allocated amount of space ( a bit of a wierd long shot) I am having to write it as a txt file and convert to ipt? ( it won't …
  • I just checked I am running 3.01a
  • I made a test table: Table: test Test Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 I ran that and it worked fine. I the pasted the animal code over the top of it and saved it, basically, to see if I messed up the file type etc. I ran the program and zip exactly th…
  • Thanks again for the support.I am relatively new to this so it is maybe something obvious that I am missing. The whole code is: Table: Wild animals Type: Lookup Roll:1d10 1-2: A [@game] being chased by [@beasts]. 3-4: A [@beasts] following th…
  • Thanks for the reply, I basically get a title then nothing underneath it, Even with 100 chosen, there is nothing there. Occasionally when I have messed up it will say 'missing' or if I have a gap I will get a blank space that shows I have hit return…