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  • I was just checking my Gems generator inside of IPAD3, and discovered a difference in the way the IPAD 2 engine processes expressions inside of ScreenMonkey and how IPAD3 processes them natively, which I found rather odd. At any rate to verify, I…
  • I know this is a pretty old post but I don't see an answer to the thread so I thought I'd share how I solved a similar gem value related problem. I play 1st edition AD&D and when rolling up gems they have an opportunity to have one off increa…
  • Haven't heard back on this. Are these mission references inside IPP a known issue with the standard generators or is it something else?
  • I thought I'd seen something like this on the old forums but can't seem to find it at the moment. Maybe you could leverage Sober Panda's Roll Replacement to do what you're looking for:
  • Amazing what happens after getting some sleep... I've made some changes streamlining the variable usage and also can pass a parameter down to ensure the alignnent of the blade is restricted to what is allowed for the blade type (Holy Avenger for ex…
  • OK just did the Export of each tree, and it made 3 files: Encounters.ipt Names.ipt Treasure.ipt However using /ipad ? results in only showing those 3 names of for IPad options. Running /ipad Encounters appears to roll on the first table it …
  • Hmmm, I was thinking a partial work would be to make a Symbolic Link called Tables under the Ipad2 directory and have it point to either the Generators\Encounters, Generators\Names or Generators\Treasure. Then /ipad would read from it. However, du…