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  • d6() works, it's the actual floor function that is failing, but, I wrote my own that works as a work around.
  • I had just bought the keep v2 from drivethrurpg and was setting it up. I am going to blow away my windows virtual machine and reinstall from scratch to see if there was anything in my config that may have been causing issues. Is there any chance …
  • Yes, switched to the beta in preferences, told it to check for updates, it responds with no updates available. I then tried downloading the files from the updates, replaced the file as described, and got the message "license file is missing or inc…
  • Thanks Ed!
  • I agree, this is one of the show stoppers for me. I am playing with putting a campaign into Skyre and I keep hitting small road blocks that is making me hold off getting the others in my group, into testing it
  • Hi Ed, I have sent the link to our gaming group - we are looking at using it with AD&D1st edition with graphics from Mike Schley. The elements that need to be addressed are - (1) Non-Interactive maps/displays that are automatically full scr…
  • What are the things you want tested in particular?
  • It's faster and so far, very nice. Is it possible to have one user have total control and hide areas with a mask of some sort?
  • Hi Ed, I would have other options than map and character sheets. During our prep testing in anticipation of this coming weekend, we encountered some simple 'gothchas' Chat was not working between different users on different clients in the same …
  • I have been playing with this program since I plan to use it and skyre for our gaming session this weekend. I have found a series of niggling little issues that would have me stop using the program normally. To begin with, I would have all design …
  • I have installed the application on Windows 10 Professional 64bit, Kubuntu 16.04 LTS 64Bit and Android. It has worked flawlessly on all three platforms. I am now arranging to have a few other people install and test it with concurrent access. I …