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  • Thank you, that makes total sense. It's been years since I created this map and I totally forgot I can set the epoch year myself
  • Yes, that's what I have. My problem is to calculate the exact time float I have to put into the Orbit object. I don't know what the base day is it starts from, so I can't calculate an exact date. That's why I was asking for a way to get the cu…
  • I have not changed anything on my system, but you can never be sure on a windows machine if it happens again, i'll send a support mail right away!
  • I guess so, but it miraculously fixed itself. I don't know what happened, but when I started it a minute ago the problem is gone. No error message, no strange behavior. I really have no clue what the problem was, only that it lasted for just a coupl…
  • How about a simple "Publish to PDF" function? Would be a nice addition to the new epub feature and much simpler than any pdf printing tool. I missed a feature to tag paragraphs inside a text topic as "secret", too. I had something like the code/s…