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  • I'm hoping you're still around the forums. You helped me out a few years ago with a dice pool assignment problem here - https://forum.nbos.com/discussion/1129/dice-pool-assignment-and-total-assistance#latest

    I'm hoping you can help me take this to the next level. If it's even possible in IPP.

    I want to move the core attribute assignment to an external call table and start doing racial differences.

    The problem I'm having is threefold.
    * First, different races have different max pools - some are 51, some are 54.
    * Second, I have different races with different mins/maxs overall -- humans are 6-12, wookies are 3-18.
    * Lastly, inside of a species, one attribute might cap lower than another -- wookies Mec caps at 11 but their Str caps at 18.

    I'm apparently being limited to the number of characters in this PM, if you're willing to help, I'd appreciate you answering in the linked thread above or emailing me directly at eddie.thomas03 at gmail. I could use some help.

    December 2020
    • largando
      Hi Eddie!

      Actually, I got off the forums several years ago, and didn't get back on when I noticed Levendor was picking up the slack. But... I'm back, for what it's worth. We'll see how busy my job gets.

      In any case, I hope to refresh the NBOS forums a couple times each week.