Prompting for Input

Heys guys, I am a complete noob with this, but I would appreciate an answer to a question I can't see a way around;

Is there a way to randomise the Input Prompts for a generator?

I would think not as the "Prompt" command is purely a function and would not work in a table.
I have tried using the following;

MaxReps: 1

Table: MasterPromptOptions

Table: Generator_Example
Set: Prompt = [@PromptOptions]

Table: PromptOptions
Prompt: Direction or Colour {Select an option & press "Go"|Directions|Blank 1|} Select an option & press "Go"
Prompt: Direction or Colour {Select an option & press "Go"|Colours|Blank 2|} Select an option & press "Go"
Prompt: WTF {Blank 3|Blank 4} Blank 3

Obviously this didn't work, as everything else that I tried didn't. Any and all possible solutions gratefully accepted - along with an answer that states "what you are doing is impossible" as at least I can forget that idea and move on to creating what I want from a different angle ... thx


  • Hi Trax, welcome to the forums!

    To your question: sadly, no. Or, rather, after much experimentation, I haven't found a way. Prompts (and Headers, for that matter) seem to be in a whole different realm from the rest of the code, and can't be affected by randomizers.

    Good luck with your project!
  • I'm not 100% sure of what your asking. But if you just want a Random option included with prompts this is what I did.
    Prompt: Character Race {Random|Behemoth|Bloatfly|BoomBug|Brahmin|Cazador|Centaur|Cyborg|Cyberdog|Deathclaw|Dog|FeralGhoul|Floater|Ghoul|GiantRat|GiantAnt|GunRobot|Human|Mirelurk|MisterHandy|MisterGutsy|MoleRat|Nightkin|NightStalker|PigRat|Protectrons|Radroach|Radscorpion|Robobrains|Sentrybot|SuperMutant|YaoGuai|}Random
    Prompt: Character Occupation {Random|None|AlbinoRadscorpion|Animal|Addict|BountyHunter|BoSInitiate|BoSKnight|BoSScribe|BoSPaladin|Doctor|Drunk|EnclaveSoldier|EnclaveOfficer|EnclavePilot|Entrepreneur|Farmer|FoA|Fiends|Floater|GunMerchant|GunRunner|MariposaSuperMutant|Mechanic|NCRTrooper|NCRRanger|NCRSniper|NCRMP|NCRHvyTrooper|Khans|Refugee|Raider|Rancher|Scientist|Security|Settler|Slave|Slaver|Soldier|StreetThug|Sniper|SMBrute|SMMaster|SMOverlord|SMBehemoth|VaultDweller|VaultSecurity|VillageLeader|Villager|Vipers|WastelandAdventurer|WastelandBandit|WastelandMerchant|WastelandPreacher|WaterMerchant}Random
    Table: NPC
    [when]{$prompt1}=Random[do][@CharacterRace&;#93;[else][@{$prompt1}&;#93;[end]  &

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