Prompt leads to mysterious results

it's been a while, since I programmed an ipt-file and obviously I encounter a serious (for me) problem:

I give the user 3 options (with prompt), but I encounter the problem at the first of it. I enclosed the coding and the first block of #-comments result the error. If I delete the comments the result of this generator gets some blanks, instead of valid results. Every time I tried it, I do not change the default prompt!

With the comment-block the result is as expected: no blank line, only valid results.
Has someone an idea?

Thx WarFred


  • The problem appears to be your use of "End Table:" as the last row of every table. I don't think that's the intention of that command. It just flushes the variables, it does not mark that there are no more table lines -- a blank line will take care of that. So, in your table:

    Table: Auswahl
    End Table:

    50% of the time it rolls on a random table determined by the prompt. The other 50% of the time it executes the second line of the table which contains only "End Table:". This results in flushing the variables and nothing is displayed. You can test this by putting some text after End Table and you'll see it displayed.

  • Indeed, that's it. I thought to use it like an XML/HTML-closing tag... Obviously I am wrong. Thx.

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