I see a few fields in the search box and I can search on a single term like 'hospitable' or 'habitable'.

Searching Questions:

Is there a more fullsome search grammar that lets me specify multiple search terms? Or to include other database tables other than the columns I see in the search box? Is that a scripting activity?


Is there a way, having defined a subsector, to get the search box or a script to return all of the systems in the sector? I've not been having luck with that.



  • I meant to search more columns/fields than the limited set visible as columns in the search dialogue... vs. tables... I have no idea what the background schema looks like... I just want to search for strings throughout the full range of fields the database holds about a system.

  • Look in the appendix of the help file - there's a section the Natural Language Search.

  • Found the help and the examples, but no example of a two word field and how to make that queryable....

    Case in point: I'd like to search for all the G type stars in my subsector (I have the subsector filtered to be the only visible one).

    Whatever I enter as far as trying to use spectral class, I get an error dialog (about my syntax, not an access fault or anything) - either a syntax warning or an unrecognized search term.

    How do I query Spectral Class? What's the syntax? I tried:

    spectral class
    variations wrapped in ' '
    variations wrapped in " "

    You may want to add a two word field example in the help file.

  • Fiddling around further, I see that it is 'spectral' in the db rather than as the label in the system description.

    I suppose I can alleviate any questions about what the data base columns are by simply downloading SQLite and looking at the schema - tables, column names, field types, etc.

    I think I'm okay on this searching stuff for the moment, thanks again.

  • Found in the help where it lists the various queryable fields.

    I guess that covers the field names.

    One thing you could mention in the examples section is that the database field names may differ from what is shown in the system data slightly (ex Spectral Class -> spectral in the db). It's not a big thing, but it might prevent someone else screwing around a bit before finding the list of properties in the NLS reference section.

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