Possible Bug Report: Advanced Search / Search Builder Dialog Never Reappearing After Minimized

OS: Windows 10 Home Premium patched whenever patches come out (64 bit environment)

Currently Windows Defender is my main security product (in case somehow that impacts restoring windows, but I don't get this issue in other applications so...)

AS: 3.01e

1. Start AS, Load Sector File
2. Invoke search dialog with query builder from menu bar (also from left side search pane that has a link and also from the Actions menu) and it appears and is usable
3. Minimize using the dialog window's title bar icon for minimize
4. Attempt to bring back the dialog by using menu bar, link on left side pane, or Actions menu - no dialog appears although the main window's title bar greys out for a moment like it is thinking or trying to do something
5. On the good side, the failure to show up does not behave like a failed script that renders the application unresponsive - you can still save your work and quit

Work around:
Restart AS, reload, never ever use minimize

I am willing to help do any troubleshooting that is straightforward or to take and install a debug executable or whatever might help address this.

I could, in theory, record a video of this in action if necessary.

It's just annoying because I like to use the advanced search, but it isn't critical so it can sit in the queue. I just want to help provide info to confirm it is a bug (or isn't) if I can help with that.


  • Here's a second unrelated bug report (and this one I'm certain of), though it is entirely trivial:

    When I use the left pane (system display) and click and select Properties (for a planet), the first tab on that dialog says Planet/Moon (just to be clear which dialog I'm speaking of), but the one that should say Orbital Properties actually says Orbital Properites (otherwise known as a typo or spelling error).

    It's not like this is a big thing, but it's also likely super easy for you to clear out when you're doing a release.

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