Formatting output to use image files.

I have made a monster database file that other files draw from. I am trying to add monster images into the database.
I am using standard HTML code and I get the white box of correct size with the alt label on the box but not the image.

White Ape\n Ape, white [@B30ApeWhite]

any idea why this is not working?


  • this is my code

  • My guess would be that the path to the image is wrong, but I'd have to see the code to assess.

  • that is the highlighted in blue code... I can pull up the image in a browser tab... it is only E:\IPP\B30ApeWhite.jpg

  • Use double backslashes instead of single ones in the image path. See the examples in


    instead of

    This prevents IPP from interpreting the slashes as parts of special codes.

    Also, if the letter after your slashes is "a", use a capital "A" instead of lower case to prevent it being interpreted as the special \a code.

  • You should also be able to use forward slashes for the image path. The standard on Windows is the backslash, but Windows also supports Linux-style forward slash paths in most cases.

  • It works now THANK YOU jdale!!!

  • Late to the party, but the first thing I thought was the double backslash thing. Ran into that way back when on a rune image generator. Good to know that solves the image issue.

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