Slipstream game

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I have been running a savage worlds campaign called slipstream using screenmonkey as a mapping system for my table game. I want to try and expand the game to include players who want to play the game online. I use a program called hero lab to create characters and then use the expanded text file editor to transfer character stats to my own slipstream markers. I use the standard 32 bit square icons, but some of the icons are a bit bigger so that players can see a larger picture of the characters. Eventhough these markers are larger I still use the designated square measurements on the map to measure combat distances. Also, to expediate play I do not use playing cards for initiative and instead either roll a 1d100 or a 1d65 for initiative. If I use 1d100 1 and 100 are the joker, and if i use the 1d65 64 and 65 are the joker. If you are familiar with savage worlds you can send me a character sheet of your character and I can use hero lab to build your character, Note, I modified my savage worlds system by placing various psionic powers from other games to provide a much more expansive psionic list. I have added an inhouse magic system that is a modified version of true sorcery for those players who want to use a magi character. If you are interested in playing Slipstream you can contact me at

My Slipstream adventure is more expansive than the original idea and you can play many sci fi variants in my game. So far in the current party I have an Atlantean, A space Marine, and a psionic user.

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