FWE Builder 1.8

1] Why, if you set a low elevation of 1m and a high elevation of 20000m do I get a solid map all at 1m? Trying to emulate no seas, such as Mars, etc, with tall mountains.

2] When will FWE v1.9 come out with correct binary export of data? See my previous post.


  • 1) I'm not sure why that is. But I would make a normal world (ie, with oceans), and then lower the sea level until the oceans are gone.

    2) On export, yes, the next build will output the negative elevations.

  • 1) OK, that seems to work.

    2) Is there an ETA for 1.9 yet?

  • No, no eta yet. But it will be released with FM9 which is still looking good for this year.

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