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  • Custom fields:
    I know I can add new custom fields to different bodies, such as asteroids have trade - mining but terrestrial worlds have trade manufacturing. What I want to know is 3 fold 1. Can I add more than one custom field to a body such as some terrestrial worlds have trade mining and other terrestrial worlds have trade manufacturing? 2. Can i randomize this or does it require me to edit each world? 3. If I can randomize it can I make it sector wide in the generation process? Thanks

    March 28
  • Thank you it works.

    March 28
  • I (once again) had a computer crash eat my copies of The Keep and FM8. Not even a month after I bought them, too.
    Can you send me a download link?

    March 2023
  • nimbus2000HP


    Is it alright if I put together a list of pages with .IPT files that are used on the Inspiration Pad Pro? I've already got a list started.

    December 2019
    • Ed_NBOS
      Yes, absolutely!
  • Welcome Aboard!
    January 2018
  • LadyN

    I have full adobe acrobat pro installed but I noted that the keep only uses the acrobat reader. Is this intended Ed? Is there an .ini that can be edited to direct a specific program to read my .pdfs like the pro or even Foxit? If not what would it take to make one? Perhaps a plug in where each user can pick a program to run a specific file type....

    September 2017
  • Ed,

    I hate to be that guy, but I"m curious about your refund policy? I purchased an upgrade for The Keep to Version 2 through DrivethruRPG recently (I believe it was on the 4th) but it just doesn't seem to support the things I need for my group. We're a pretty web-heavy group and the Keep doesn't load the sites I use reliably. Tonight I was trying to add in PDF's of our characters and now I'm getting function XFA not supported errors.

    In that light, can I get my money back? If not, I understand, its software and you have no way to verify that I'm not going to continue using it. I just wanted to ask if there was a way to resolve this since as is, I can't use it the way I'd like to.

    Thanks for the consideration,

    Rob Crocker

    August 2017
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    July 2016
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    July 2016