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  • You could by using a large white image as the background, but that may make it difficult to see the stars.
  • Yes, look up the importing feature in the help file.
    in Excel Comment by Ed_NBOS July 1
  • Use File->Place from the menu to place the JPG as a symbol object. Then you can resize i and position it as needed.
    in Import JPG Comment by Ed_NBOS June 7
  • You can set the spectral class to whatever you want it to be. Just set the spectral, luminosity, size, etc, as desired.
    in various stars Comment by Ed_NBOS June 6
  • Neat! I honestly didn't know the editor supported that!
  • Hmm, not sure what that is. Its a canned editor so there may be some additional functionality in there for visual settings that the program itself doesn't use.
  • In the object properties for planets, there's an Equilibrium temperature displayed. That's the surface temperature taking only the solar input at the current distance and planetary albedo into consideration (ie, without atmosphere). That can give yo…
  • No, there's just one type of plugin script. The ones that end in .AstroScript. These are written in VBScript and can access Astro's internal functions and data. But since Astro files are SQLite database files, its possible to write programs/scripts…
  • I think it's {rep}. This will record the repetition you are on. So if you do 25 reps of a table, it'll show there. table: doit Rep is {rep} If you need to know how many rolls you've done on a table, you'll need to make your own counter variable. …
  • No, sorry, there's no setting for that. Will look into making that an option.
  • Periapsis is the point in an orbit where its closest to its parent. I believe Astro views that as the 'start position' for the orbit. So when calculating the position of a body in an orbit, the time past periapsis is the number of days past that poi…
  • I've added an example plugin script that iterates all bodies in a sector and applies an Industry custom field depending on the properties of the planet. Download this file and place it in the /Plugins directory u…
    in custom fields Comment by Ed_NBOS April 5
  • Google decided they won't allow programs that are too old in the store, even if they run fine on modern phones. Here's the apk: Note: I think this is the correct build but if you encounter any problems let me kn…
  • To do that, you'd want to configure the system data fields as I describe above, and create a script that assigns a value to an 'industry' custom field on each planet. Here's the scripting API doc:
    in custom fields Comment by Ed_NBOS April 1
  • Sorry I didn't see this until now. You can add it under an asteroid belt, but the orbit would be undefined. If you want it orbiting around a star you need to add it under the star at the same distance as the asteroid belt.
  • A custom field contains both a name and a value. Like "Gravity: 0.9". Or "Industry: mining". You can have any number of custom fields, but the name of the field must be different. So a body can't have two "Gravity" fields, for example. What it soun…
  • Hold the shift button down when selecting additional systems.
  • Maybe put them in the same orbit at 3 different points along the orbit (use time past periapsis for positioning along orbit)
  • Yes, Inspiration Pad is more akin to a regular expression engine than a programming language. The generator isn't run (procedurally) as much as its evaluated as a whole. Its just that, unlike a normal regular expression engine, randomness is built …
  • There's nothing built in to write to the console, but its a good idea. I'll make a note of it for the next time there's an update. Getting started on an updated Android app right now.
  • I honestly have no idea what this is related to. I can make a build with some debugging output that could help us narrow down the problem. That may take a couple rounds. Send me an email.
  • Try launching it once as admin in case its not able to create or access a resource. If that doesnt work you can try the next update to see if it fixes it. In File -> Program Preferences set the update channel to "Special4" and then check for upd…
  • Try without anti-virus in case that is trying to do something to the executable or prevent it from creating app data directories.
  • Do you still have FM8 installed? Open FM8, set the map to something like 100x100 feet with no grid, and close the program. I'm wondering if something in the registry settings is causing FM9 to have problems on startup. If you know how to use regedit…
  • Alas, its always been on my to-do, but I've never tried a drawing tablet with FM. I'm sure it would work similar to a mouse, but FM won't read pressure from the pen obviously until its been updated to know how to read that.
  • The MaxReps applies to the run itself, so you shouldn't have to touch other generator files that are being imported.
  • Alternatively you can use MaxReps: 5 at the top of the generator to limit it to 5 missions. Then you dont have to try to manage multiple missions per run.
  • I think you'd probably want the shuffle at the top of AvailableMissions. You want it to shuffle tables used by the table, so you want to call it once before each mission is generated.
  • You can add it under the asteroid belt, but you wouldn't get the actual orbital position info. So its best to add them at the same orbit as the asteroid belt, and that would require copying a few of the orbital values.
  • Not likely to get fixed, I'm afraid. The Character Sheet Designer is no longer an active product. Someday I hope to re-use parts of it in other projects.