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  • No, no way that I can think of. You might make a 'base' map with all the layers set to what you want, and then open that & do a save-as for each of your new maps.
  • Yep, you got it.
  • @Flyteach Yes, its static. You have the option to use the same viewer URL, or create a new one when you do the upload.
  • That sounds really cool @Nightblade !
  • For the field source, I believe it should be set like: js:HitDice(HP.Value) (ie, a colon, not a period) And then your function, you need to return the value. So something like: function HitDice( d) { return RollDice ( 1, d, 0) } Also, since…
  • No, there's no hot key for that. I'll investigate that - actually, since FM9 will have multiple tabs, I'll investigate it for that first.
  • No, probably not. The Keep uses an embedded IE11. Not sure if that supports WebGL. Changing The Keep to use Chromium is already on the todo list. In fact, it was originally tried during development, but there were some integration issues.
  • No, I don't think so. You can try playing with the route label distance, but I don't know if that will have the effect you're looking for.
  • No ETA, but I do now have the new fantasy art.
    in ETA FM9 Comment by Ed_NBOS April 30
  • Welcome back, Mark! Glad you are doing well. This sounds good!
  • I think you're on the right course. I would do it by: - Set a variable for the number of languages to 0 - Roll on the table, and have it increment that variable by the number of languages, or roll twice again on the table (so you shouldn't need a…
  • Are you using the version with the integrated PDF viewer? (2.01d)
  • There is a pixel to size ratio, but its something relative to, and really only meaningful to, the internal graphics system, so wouldn't be of much use I don't think. Trial & error is probably the best approach here.
  • You can probably scale the original file as needed. If you need 120% of the original size, scale up the pattern file (down in /patterns) to 120% of the size. If you do modify one of the standard patterns, I'd recommend doing it on a copy of the fil…
  • It has been changed for the upcoming version of FM. But that won't help you right now. You'll probably have to raise the elevation first, export, and then import.
  • Its hard to say since you haven't defined what you're trying to do. FWE supports elevation data export so that's probably the best bet if Wilbur can import it.
  • Yep, me too. It was a blast revisiting it.
  • You'd need a local web server running. That's not too complicated, as there's a number of "WAMP" (Windows - Apache - MySQL - PHP) installers out there that will set that all up. Once you have that, you can make a small PHP script to call the IPT com…
  • Not a new full version, but I am working right now on an update to v3 that I think people will like.
  • I believe you can use the GetWaypoint() and GetWaypointCount() methods for this. I've never tried it exactly this way though. You would iterate the waypoints. Each waypoint object has a property called Body which would represent the body connected…
  • The travel calculator doesn't look at routes, so you'd have to do each segment individually. To move the ships, that would require a script. There's nothing in astro to handle ship movements like that.
  • Never heard of such a thing. Are you using the keep with the integrated viewer?
  • No, the shipped DLL is fine. Just tested everything on a blank Windows 10. I have seen very rare cases where some machines have problems loading some versions of the DLL for [insert esoteric Windows logic] reasons, and basically doing what you did …
  • Yes, this looks like a bug. Whats happening under the hood is that IPP is generating a table call for each character, like [@mangle with {$1}], and running it. Problem is the space causes the parameter {$1} to be empty, making it look like [@mangle …
  • Cool!
  • You'll probably need a different font as the size is not configurable. I tried with that font in a word processor and the font itself does render small compared to other fonts of the same size for some reason. I've seen that with a few other fonts…
  • If you can find an appropriate image, you can assign it as a blazon image for the system where the cloud is. If you want something larger that spans multiple light years, you'd probably have to set a marker on the map and define an area of influenc…
    in Gas Clouds? Comment by Ed_NBOS July 2020
  • Glad you're safe and sound, Mark! Looking forward to your future creations!
  • The full Milky Way has hundreds of billions of stars, so its not something Astro would be able to map out in its entirety. But if you just want a general disk shape, you might use a script to compress the stars in a spherical sector along the Y (ve…