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  • No, what were you thinking?
  • 'root only' searches only the root body, so it wouldn't search multiple star systems. You'd want 'systems with'. That will search everything, finding the matches, and return only the system root body.
  • To search for all systems within 10 light years that have a hospitable planet, you'd do something like: Systems with, Hospitable, Within 10 "Systems with" returns only the root system "Within 10" only looks at systems within 10ly of any selected …
  • This is great, Mark! I'll make it into an FM9 package and see how it loads that way. Given its size, that should be the ultimate test of the package system. Hope all is well!
  • Ok, it looks like the DebugMsg function is having a problem. Which is a bit ironic. Try this approach - it'll make a new popup window and show the results: #plugin List All Symbols on Map #author NBOS Software #desc Lists info about all th…
  • You'll need to convert the gif to a jpg or png, as FM won't import gifs. But once you convert it, use File -> Place from the menu. That will put the image on your map.
  • Yes, just get rid of the noembed tag and that should do it. Generally the mapper will try to find the image in a couple different places, but it won't always be able to if they've been moved. Here's a plugin that will show you where it thinks ever…
  • Quick update. I'm currently working on getting a new code signing certificate and updating the web content. The code signing certs are always like pulling teeth. FM9's Development, docs, and art are more or less complete.
    in ETA FM9 Comment by Ed_NBOS February 3
  • IPP is written in Delphi, and I believe their rounding function by default uses what's called "Banker's Rounding", where it rounds to the nearest even number. That's probably whats going on there.
  • They're located here now: But I think Pi's are ARM processors, so it may not run.
  • Astro's file format is an SQL database, so you can use any programming tool to write directly to the file and do inserts/updates. I dont think you can define you're own types though. You'd probably have to use markers or maybe ships/stations & a…
  • Ah, I used to encounter this when the mapper used a text based file format. I'll keep this in mind for the next version of IPP.
  • Hmm, probably. Give me a little to find a decent method of converting them to clickable links and I should be able to add support for this.
  • Sounds good. I know I've seen spreadsheets in the past that do the calcs.
  • Try something like: MaxReps: 1 Set: x=0 Set: y=0 Set: SizeX=50 Set: SizeY=50 table: go [@{SizeX} x]\n table: x {x==x+1}{y==0}[@{SizeY} y] table: y {y==y+1}xy is {$x}, {$y}\n
  • Yes, it'll always face the viewer.
  • You can assign a blazon image to a marker on the map. That will let you show an image. It can't scale, but may suffice.
  • Posted this under your other post, but it also applies here. Check out Project Rho. It has a lot of this type of math worked out. For larger areas, like nebulas that span multiple light years, you mi…
  • There's no inherent alignment of the x/y/z coordinates. So they point in any direction you define. If you have existing star maps aligned to Earth's orientation, you'd need to convert the x/y/z positions from Earth-based coordinates to the Galactic …
  • Yes, that's due to the dictionary keys. If its within the first 10 characters it assumes its intended to be a dictionary key. Its probably disabling output because its switching the table into dictionary mode, so they calls to it are failing. Or som…
  • No, probably not. I just don't have the spare programming time right now to set up something to keep track of pre-orders.
    in ETA FM9 Comment by Ed_NBOS July 2022
  • IPP does rely on the IE rendering engine, but not IE the application itself. I don't have any indication that the rendering engine itself is being taken out. That would break a lot of things in Windows that rely on it (for example, HTML Help). If t…
  • If I understand what you are trying to do, what may be best is not to add/subtract the race attributes, but to keep a field (even if its just hidden) that stores the race attribute, and use that field as part of a formula.
  • Hi Mike, it'll be announced all over the place, including here and on the web site. But I'll also be doing e-mailings and re-starting ad campaigns as well.
    in ETA FM9 Comment by Ed_NBOS May 2022
  • In the program menu: "Filters -> Subsectors -> Hide all Subsectors" to hide all systems within all subsectors "Filters -> Subsectors -> Hide unassigned systems" to hide all systems not within subsectors Then: "Filters -> Subsector…
  • You should be able to use double quotes instead of single quotes around the table result, like: {if( 1d100
  • It was the web viewer, and was released a year ago.
  • You should also be able to use forward slashes for the image path. The standard on Windows is the backslash, but Windows also supports Linux-style forward slash paths in most cases.