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  • If anyone needs an invite code to join, please email support2 at and I'll send you one. Unless you're a spammer
  • Interesting... thanks for figuring it out. You probably won't be the only one that gets bitten by that. A couple years ago a Windows update wiped out my wife's purchased copy of MS Office... and that's their own software!
  • Maybe your anti-virus software is doing it? Or Windows update is screwing something up? There's nothing in the Keep that would enable it to delete itself like that. Is this v2?
  • Nice!
    in It's a trap! Comment by Ed_NBOS May 2020
  • Where do you have it installed on your drive? If its installed into a directory that has spaces in its name, 1.02f, which is a Windows 3.1 program that expects strict 8.3 file naming, may not be able to handle that.
  • Can you clarify this? Its not clear when this is happening for you.
  • Look in the appendix of the help file - there's a section the Natural Language Search.
  • What's the version that you have (help -> about in the menu)? You should be able to use the auto updater (help -> check for updates) to update to the most recent general purpose release. If you have a particularly old build of AS3, you may h…
  • I think its just the "d6". That may have to be d6(), or you may have to roll your own dice function. I don't remember off hand if the designer has those built in.
  • I re-uploaded a new Astro executable that is signed with the NBOS code signing certificate. This should make Windows happier when you try to run it.
  • Here's an updated build. Replace your existing Astro3.exe with this one. Also takes care of the brown dwarf search problem in the query builder. NOTE: This executable is not signed. I'm in the p…
  • And I'm going to have to close it again due to spam attacks. Sorry.
  • Yep, it looks like it was something introduced in the last update when the temperature calcs were tweaked a bit. Just to clarify, this is only related to 'free planets' - planets that are not part of a star system. I'll see if I can post a fix thi…
  • Here's a PDF version
  • They are SQLite databases, just like the keep.db files. Except they also have the file attachments included in the database (as opposed to the keep.db file, that keep them separately so they can be loaded and saved). What happens when you try to i…
  • Thanks much and glad you are enjoying it! The Keep is indeed an understated work horse. I use it myself for everything.
  • Registration is back open
  • The id column is a reference to the database row, so you don't have to worry about that. It doesn't define anything about the body. Its auto incrementing, so you can leave it out of your sql and the database will automatically assign an id to new …
  • You'll probably want to put in empty values to the fields you aren't using. If in doubt, look at an existing database and see whats stored for fields where they aren't needed. I think its just defaults (usually 0 or an empty string)
  • The star coloring was done differently in the older version. I don't think you can change them in v3. You should be able to change the label color by searching for something like this in advanced search: Systems with, political = "MyNation" Then…
  • Full version updates aren't free updates, but they will be available at a big discount to owners of previous versions.
    in ETA FM9 Comment by Ed_NBOS October 2019
  • Email me one of each (3DS or OBJ) file, or a link to them, to the support address support2 at Otherwise I'd just be guessing what the issue is. You are talking about showing up in the 3d map, correct? Or the preview? (because that requi…
  • On some of those drivers, even a simple settings change can impact how it works. So its not even always a change to the drivers themselves. Made for some fun tech support back in the day
  • Do you really mean v1? The limitation comes from the video drivers. Some can make in-memory bitmaps of any size, some can't allocate a bitmap that's larger than the screen size. Often it changes with different driver versions. Particularly in ol…
  • The date value is relative to whatever the epoch date is for the sector. So if you consider Jan 1st, 3000 to be your epoch, and you want the position on Jan 10th, you'd use 10 as the value for the date. The actual epoch date depends on your univer…
  • I don't think there's a way to get the time that's set in the display. You may have to ask for it with a dialog popup or something. To calculate positions at a give time, what you need to do is call the body's GetOrbit() method. That returns an O…
  • Hi Allison, First off, I know this is late, but I'm so sorry to hear about Kory. We used to email back and forth on occasion back in the day. My condolences. On to maps... there's a couple ways you can do this. Perhaps the easiest would be to o…
  • Since you want a system at the center, its probably easiest just to move the system you want to the center. This way all coordinates would be relative to it.
  • No, sorry, the software requires Windows. The only 'built in' way to work with existing continent shapes is to load a digital elevation file (.DEM) into Fractal World Explorer, and then export it as a Fractal Mapper map. But the resolution when do…