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  • Declare (and initialize) your variables. That code, as written, would work in neither Java nor C. See
  • Not a clue -- sorry. Maybe someone else with more experience with the program (or a dev, of course) will be able to comment.
  • Theoretically, you should be able to do that with recursion. For instance: function test(x, y) { return (x + if(y > 0, test(x, y-1), 0)); } This should, in theory, return x*y, for all cases where y is a positive integer. Of course…
  • I don't know if CSDesigner supports pointers, and I can't really see why on Earth you would bother to use them in your scripts. In fact, I'm not sure why you'd bother using any sort of indirect references. That said, very broadly speaking, what y…
  • RealityBlights wrote: So far, I've noticed little things I don't like but can EASILY ignore. I love LOVE LOVE this program! The only thing I cannot forgive is the lack of copy/paste functionality in the script tab. It would make my time spent work…
    in Wish List Comment by Aleh May 2015
  • largando wrote: Apparently true, to one who knows Japanese. Otherwise, irrelevant. No, it's not. Again: Respect. Who criticized Exaro for creating an insufficiently accurate JapaneseNames.ipt: Aleh Who would (according to Aleh) "crucify" a …
  • largando wrote: Really, really? Well now I'm convinced. Are you actually saying, that for a bunch of guys who don't know Japanese, this generator wouldn't do well? Because it kind of sounds like you're using your knowledge of Japanese as the ba…
  • largando wrote: Here we have the one useful part of this post. If, of course, one were already a student of either Japanese or linguistics. The article was a bit wordy. Alternately, you can take the charts here[/u]. And, thus, we find the one …
  • I actually speak Japanese, so... First off, Japanese names follow that pattern because the Japanese language follows a specific pattern, with a much smaller set of valid syllables than English does; see