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  • Hi all, I need help me thinks. I am trying to export my database to ebook so I can have it on my tablet for GMing. However it simply does nothing? If I publish to HTML, that works fine. If I use publish to Ebook the window stays a second after cl…
  • Thank you for your reply! I tried that. Even when I simply put in ToughnessRank.Value only which should display the same number as the ToughnessRank field the TotalToughness always stays zero. I am not understanding why.
  • No Problem, I have attached it to this post. I wager there is something basic I am simply not grasping yet.
  • On a side note, I really would LOVE to get a version of the keep for a tablet, android or apple does not matter to me personally. I find myself thinking the netbook I use for prep on my way to work is too clumsy and cumbersome lately. And with table…
  • I run it installed locally. "Nothing" basically seems to be only a single result but empty. I made a screenshot. I ran it from IP2 and The Keep, same issue. I sometimes must click 3-5 times until I get the expected result. More Info: Running …
  • These are great! Just bought FM and these really help getting my head around the interface. Please continue with the tuts. Hopefully there will be some more advanced tuts soon, e.g. how to import own symbols.