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  • Boolean operators, especially for [when] blocks
  • Are you asking if NBOS will release their source or whether someone is (or is thinking about) working on an open source version?
  • Have you looked at deck picks? Table: Main Shuffle: Names [when] vPop < 10000 [do] {!vPlanet =={d1000}} [else] vPlanet = [!Names] [end] & {$vPlanet}, Population: {$vPop}, Primary: [!Names], System: [!Names], Sub-Sector: [!Names] To m…
  • Just ran into the 4 prompt limit, so, more then 4 prompts, maybe the ability to rename the prompts (instead of prompt1, prompt2, etc) I'd rather see another panel, or maybe a strip along the top or bottom then be limited to 4 prompts. Due to th…
  • I'm having an issue getting some code to work that is related to the earlier the post, My original code is: [@{number=[@{$prompt1}]} BombDrop1] but I want to change it so that I display how many warheads are dropped, like this: {number=[@{$pro…
  • I think it's just really messy and difficult to keep track of, very easy to misplace or forget something. It's normally easier to understand and implement a lookup table Set:roll={1d4} Table: Main Type: Lookup Roll: {$roll} 1: True {$roll} 2: Fa…
  • Then why not just: Define: percent={1d10-1}{1d10-1} [when] percent==00 [do] percent==100 or something like that Realized this a bit ago, but haven't had time to post it: percent ={!{1d10-1}*10+{1d10-1}+1} What I've done is shift the rang…
  • It has something to do with not having a default item, having a table call to generate a default should work
  • Try this: Set: secondaryLevel = {$1} [@SecondarySkills with {!{$secondaryLevel} - 1}] Instead of: Set: SecondaryLevel = {$1} [@SecondarySkills with {!{$SecondaryLevel} - 1}] I had problems with some of my variables until I started using lo…
  • Simple change, enclose any negative values or variables that might contain a negative number in regular brackets () Table: Testing Set: FirstVar=4 Set: SecondVar=2 Set: ThirdVar=-2 FirstVar={$FirstVar}\n& SecondVar={$Seco…