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  • Thanks Ed, that has fixed it. Windows 10 does try to block the unsigned version but you can get it to run easily enough.
  • Yes that is right it only appears to effect free terrestrials and gas giant. Also if you are doing a fix another minor error is in the search function for brown dwarfs which returns an error.
  • The problem is that "rotation - 0." It should equal the period of revolution around the parent body.
  • I don't know why it does this. Another problem with rotations is the tidallly locked bodies which give rotation periods as 0. This is wrong and effects the geostationary orbit results. An actual tidally locked world should have its orbital period an…
  • I am using 3.01c (open). What I was trying to do was to assign a new image to various nebula. I assigned the blazon image to a jpg file and it shows in edit properties window. I have also tried using the preview image instead of the default one. Not…
  • Still no fix for this I gather?
  • Looks like the previous version of FWE I used was 1.6a according to the Help About Screen. At least there is still a copy of it sitting on the computer.
  • These were the setting I used in FT3 (Actually version 3.0.8 ot 3.8.8) Binary Import Settings Per sample info: 4 byte float LSB first (Intel) Line Width: 8192 (4 x sample width) Header length: 0 File Data: Width: 2048 samples…
  • Technically the brown dwarfs now need to be split into different spectral classes based on temperature as there are now three - L, T & Y though some M class stars may also be brown dwarfs rather than true stars. Brown dwarfs may also show bandi…
  • Installed the patch. I seem to be getting strange populaton figures dispayed. For example I have a megastructure with its population set at 175,000 in the properties but on the displayshe population shows as 175000.005843616. Anotherexample Eart…
  • This still does not work for me which is a pain as I have done up some images to replace Nebula and spacestations etc. Anyone know whether this can be done or if this is being worked on. Also by the way it does not matter with the .3ds file is…